We at Prakritik power offers multiple financing options to ease of adopting solar.


  • You make full payment for the system and own, operate and maintain it for its lifetime.
  • You can engage a third party for operations and maintenance of the power plant.


  •  You do not invest the money, but you provide your rooftop or land to install the solar power plant.
  •  A third party investor invests the money and installs the plant.
  •  You sign a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the investor.
  • You purchase the energy generated from you it as per the agreed tariff under the PPA.

Open Access

  •  It is either a third party open access or a group captive plant
  •  Under group captive, you co-invest 26% of the equity money and enter into a long term PPA with the investor
  •  Under Third Party Open Access, you enter into a long term PPA without co-investing any equity.
  • You purchase the power at competitive tariffs and pay for the government charges for Transmission, wheeling, and Banking, as per the state government’s policy

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